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new power hunter

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just bought averys power hunter, looks really nice, very comfortable, cant wait to use it saturday. Ill post again with results.
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hi, I also bought an avery power hunter, called the factory about why they are so dark in color? told them we hunted in corn fields, not in some swamp like in vietnam, they said they were trying to get a blind not so dark, and in line with a wheat field or corn field, but they were not offering it until next year, and then only as a slip cover, so I went to the hobby shop, bought fabric paint, redid the whole damn thing, went to Hobby Lobby and bought natural colored grass, like quack grass from cabelas, which sells for $20+, and bought 4 big bundlesat hobby Lobby for $4.oo each, have enough for the lay oput blind and also for the dog kennel blind for my choclate lab. Avery said you need to mud the new blinds??? I say make the damn thing the color peple want to hunt out of. Green and black sure stand out in a tan or yellow corn field, but what do hunters know???
it rained pretty good the morning i was supposed to hunt, so i slept in instead haha. I agree the blinds are pretty dark, i bought the khaki, we talked to some of the avery prostaff from maryland and they suggested mudding up the blinds to take the sheen and darkness out of the material. Im not really fond of the Max-4 camo, the background is too dark but a lot of companys seem to be using that camo, i personally really like fall flight and advantage wetlands camo, but thats just me....
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