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Hi Guys'
I am new here. From Richmond, VA - member of the Virginia Waterfowlers' Association - been hunting geese for 30 years. :D
Are there any other members from Virginia?
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how ya doing lakeside?
I live in hampton and this will be my second year hunting goose. Only got a couple last year (my first year in va) but got a good number of ducks. Hoping to take advantage of that new limit on geese this year. I hear they have some snows up around your parts... Let me know if you need a buddy one or two days this year. My dog duke is getting ramped up.
take er easy
Hey lakeside pm sent.....check your mail :beer:
Welcome Lakeside....I have been waterfowling for 1.5 years, I would like to hear any tips, tricks, or advice you wish to share with me.
Hello Lakeside. I am in Chester VA, hunting in mostly in Powhatan right off the James with my dad and son. Let me know how you are looking for the upcoming season.
Hey 22, glad you signed on. Guess you can be called a neighbor. I live in Chesterfield and Buckshot lives down your way in Chester :wink: By the way, bet you are sitting in some great goosin grounds in Powatan :wink:

Again.............. :beer:
:welcome: use to live down chesterfield way welcome to the site
I'm also in good ol chester.
Pretty good spot that my dad has and has two guest permits for. Looking for other places to hunt also. Hunt a few different farms but looking to develop some more spots and coops with other hunters.
Anybody else notice this post is from 2005
Yea, I sent him a pm and invited him back, guess he has moved on, but it did draw some posters to start talkin :beer:
Same here 22, turning over every rock I can. Good spots are SO hard to find, and even harder to keep :roll:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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