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hey all, my name is brandon and have i got somethin for you, i have just patented a design for a goose decoy that has a fully functional head, (it moves up and down and side to side) and pivots and a single post. it runs on a 9 volt battery and the entire body rotates 270 degrees back and forth (all while the head is still going up and down) i was wondering how much you think these should sell for, and if you have any ideas how i could make it better or have any questions about it, just post me a message and i will get back to you.... thanks alot, i really need to know weather or not its gonna be worth my $ to start production of them.
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since the higdon flapper is 90 dollars i think this electronic decoy should maybe sell for circa 150 dollars. this decoy would be great for them days when you do not have any wind at all, and it would also be good on the windy days with the head moving and all. first you need to see if you can sell a few of them and if they sell then you should start your production. what brand of decoy body are you using
Like I said in my PM b-unit, send maybe 10 my way and let me field test em for yah out west on some snows!! If they survive,I'm sure a lot of people would buy them. I can do your dirtywork, I'd only want 35% of your sales!!! We could be partners!! 8)
yea send me one too, Ill put it through it paces. Allso I think field testers usaly get 50% dont they? Sound good. If u dont portray yourself like an idiot it mite work out for u!!!!!!!
hey i will test one for you for free just send it to me and i will test it and if it works then it just works. so if you want just pm me for my adress.
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