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Has anyone used or seen the new portable decoys?

I am thinking of giving them try and wanted to get some opinions first
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Save your money and get fullbodies. These decoys are pretty good when it comes to movement, but what happens when the ground gets too hard to stick the stakes in!!!
Stakes in the frozen ground is not an issue. Either use a portable drill with an auger bit or a slide hammer hole punch.

Yes FBs are better-but what happens if you do not have the room to transport or store them?

As for Buck Wings.
The good would be the movement and they are to collapse making them compact.
The bad would be how well does the body fill out after they were collapsed? I had boo cou problems with Carrylite FBs there had a too flimsy body years ago in that the body always had deformations . :(
So how weel does the swivel post hold up to the abuse of hunting???
FYI-no I have not used Buckwings.
Thanks guys for the tips. The stakes don't bother me. I was and am concerned with how they look after i collapse them and they Are'nt a cheap experiment either. But my biggest issue is transporting all the deks. Maybe I should just buy a trailer and load it with Big feet
I gotta say this was the first time I've seen them.

Am I blind or does it not say what they're made of? I couldn' seem to see, but they don't look bad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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