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Well, so far so good. We've got good numbers of nesting pairs around here and there is plenty of water in the sloughs and creeks. I've seen lots of birds on the nest and if the weather and water holds out it could be one of the best springs in years for honker production in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

How's the nesting going in your area?
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We have some pairs nesting but also have some groups of 8 or 10 out in the fields or on the water.
I just visited one of our best goose farms a few days ago and it had 7 nesting pairs on the tiny pond they have (about 10 yards by 10 yards). :beer: September 1st is looking real good at this point. :mrgreen:
Here in PA, I've seen 27 geese pair up. Lot's of fighting over mates this year. Last year there wasn't as much camotion on the pond that I watch. This year they were really hooping it up. Necks up high and a lot of honkin and wing beating. Must be due to the hunter(me)induced divorces that were caused in the late season. I noticed that they won't mess with the local mallards that live on the pond. Anyone have any insite to this? I figured they would have run them off the pond for choice nesting locations..
Great topic, down here I've seen more geese paired up and nesting than as long as I can remember. A lot of ducks too, hope the moisture holds. I've only been able to located 2 duck nests with eggs and 3 goose nests with eggs in them, but there's still time.

I can't wait for September!!! :D
After this weekend, we've got goslings everwhere! It looks to be gang busters for the locals if they all get flight feathers. One of the best hatches I've seen in a long time.

Anyone from pothole country in Canada seeing any hatches yet?
We have alot of little one here too (NW Wis) :D The last 5 or 6 years have been Great and this year should be no exception.
We're now spotting a second hatch on a number of the goose pairs and some of the mallards around the house. The first hatch of Canadas already have their white patches and look like geese now. The second batch is still yellow. I hope they grow up quick!
I've seen the results of the first nestings.. Not to bad. I think a lot of the loss that I noticed was due to predation (cyotes) and a few ****.. I've only noticed about 2 dozen yellows the past few days. I can't wait till the season comes.. I'm itching to get some fresh goose on the grill...
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