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Need to buy some deeks

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Hey yall I am new here and pretty new to the sport of goose hunting. This year I am looking at buying nothing but goose decoys, I already have 4 dozen duck deeks, I am wondering what deeks I should buy. I have about 5 dozen shells, I am in college so my budget is pretty limited. What deeks would yall recommend that I look at to fill out my spread? Thanks

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i would have to say that you should get some ghg deeks. they look great for a low price.

Hope i helped
ive got 6 new ghg full bodies w/flocked heads for $95+shipping ill sell you
If you want to get many decoys for cheap, make your own silos and flock them. You could probably make them for about $3 per decoy. Scouting is most important thing, so if you have the time to scout, having great decoys won't be needed. Good luck. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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