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Need advice on goose and duck hunting in Saskatchewan

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I'm going to SK with my son and a friend Oct.1. We are flying and renting a vehicle. We are planning on hunting the area around Imperial. We wnt to freelance but we are concerned if we have enough decoys. We have 5 dz Outlaw's, 2 dz Northwind socks and 2 Robo ducks. Can we effectively hunt dark geese and ducks with this spread?
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Sounds like you'll be field hunting. Although it would be nice to have some full bodies or shells, there is no reason that you shouldn't be successful with the spread you described. The birds are definately there. Use the Sunday, no hunting rule to your advantage and start scouting and asking permission early in the day. October 1st could put you early for dark geese if there are still crops in the field like this past year. But there will be plenty of ducks and snows to keep you busy. The best thing you can do is ask the farmers, they'll know where the birds are and they also want them out of their crops. Good luck. You'll get addicted if you go there once.
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