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ne body from delaware in here?

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hey yall...just wonderin if theres ne other goose hunters in here from delaware?
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im about 5 min from newark in pa, i work in rehobeth and bethany at bait shops over the summer, where you from? Im trying to snow goose hunt delaware next year always see thousands of birds drivin down route 1. also, hunting brant off the rocks in lewes would be a good time too, haha, all kinds of waterfowl down there i here from talkin to the old timers that hang out at the bait shops.
yeh..."usually" we got a lot of snow geese down here resting and eatin but the bird numbers aint lookin that great down here...ive seen a decent number of snow geese....but usually there all over the cover crop fields and cut corn fields.....ducks aint been lookin that great either here....i dunno what it is...been a real warm duck and goose season...although i have been seein a good chunk of canadians on the big ponds around the towns here...been shootin canadians pretty good too.... ne pretty close to the beach...under a 30 min drive...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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