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Anyone killed more than one Canadian with a single shell? I shot three today on only two shells...First season of Goose hunting, so not real sure about stuff. One of them was banded too, which I guess was pretty neat. Well feel free to give me some stories of your own. Thanks.
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I haven't killed canadians that way, but hav done it on ducks and snows several times.
In SoDak this year I shot two with one shot, dropped one that was still alive when my dog got to it, the other was stone dead!!!
Funny, actually wierd to hear that, cause the flock of three that came in that I shot two in one shot outta, two of the three was banded, and I shot all three, just took two for the last bird. Odd!!! :shock:
Yeah, last year i called in about 50 canadas and they were about to land when i blasted into em. I dropped two on my first shot and two on my second.
My dad shot 2 swans in one shot. I think that is really good, I think it was also because he had a 10ga.
No i haven't been fortunate enough to do that, congratulations, but just a quick question for JKreitman, are you really shooting into flocks of 50 i personally wouldn't want to educate that many birds at once, well unless it wasn't my spot
SO you're saying you would let a flock of 50 fly right over??? Hard to believe
Sounds more like, only 46 were educated. As far as educated them myself, are you far enough north to where they haven't already been shot at? I say, if they come in they get it!
I personally would rather take a little longer to shoot out, and wait for some smaller groups of birds then burn out my spot by shooting into flocks of 50. usually you can either get a few to split off of the flock to shoot, or let them land and do something to spook them, then we will call a few of those back. but then again in our guiding business it is vital that your feilds are not burnt out
I just had one yesterday. We let 40 land in the decoys and I picked one for the first shoot and did not see the one behind him, until he started flopping too. :eek: I thought my buddy was shooting in the same spot for a minute.
I have drop 4 blue winged teal in one shot once and then droped one more on the next shot. one sailed a ways but my trusty dog went and got him
ive shot two big greenheads in one shot with a full choke and one of my friends shot 3 canadas in one shot i have also shot two doves in one shot
I have got a blue and spec in one shot one time down in SoDak, and got another blue anthe follow upshots.

Good hunting,
Goose man
I shot 2 canadas with one shot. Was pretty suprised when that happened.
Last spring while the boys and i where out there where numerous times when 3-4 birds would get killed in one shot due to them balling up r15 yards out in front of the dekes! That was awesome!! I hate them little bastards with a passion! :twisted:
I've done the 2 with one shot thing twice this season. Both by accident. Both over water. Thats ok when I'm in a 2 bird area... Had it happen once 2 years ago, in a one goose zone.. Oopppss.... Last weekend I had a triple lined up... never got a That only proves that it only happens when you don't intend it.

my brother once shot 3 honkers with one shot then proceeded to miss his next two shots at 30 yards haha.
Shot 2 with one shot 2 years ago. Had a group of three coming in dead on. Pulled the trigger on the lead bird. The one behind it and to the right dropped at the same time. I looked at my brother who was standing in the blind looking at me. He had put his gun down, he never fired a shot yet. He then pulled on the third one that was leaving and un-loaded on him until his last shell brought it down. My shot had the Lead bird hit the deck cold. Second Bird had to be finished off cause I caught a wing. I was pretty impressed. Didn't do it on purpose. Never saw it happen before, but heard of many other people who have done it.

We got the heck out of the field after that, it was only allowed 1 a day at that part of the season. Kept thinkin' to myself. How do you explain that one to Mr. DNR.
I shot two snows this season..I put the bead on one snow and he went down like a stone and the other goose went down also..but he was about six feet away..must have been some deformed shot out of a full choke..It was a 40 yard shot over dekes with winchester hv 1550 bbs
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