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how should i get movement in my spread? we need decoying help bad
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Get a flag. Flag to get the attention of the passing flock. As soon as they start towards you put the flag down. If they start to leave and are going parallel hit them with the flag.

It takes time to get flaggin right. Hope I helped a little.
Get a flag. It works like a charm. Just a couple weeks ago I was across from a group of hunters about 500 yards away and they had a flock of about 10 cupped and going in and I was flagging away. They saw me flagging and flew right over to me :twisted: .
im 15 and im poor what do u think would be the best way to make one?
In a pinch, take a look at the pics at Cabelas or anyother company that sells the flags, cut out some flat black(for Canadas) cloth and use some black hockey tape to attach it to a couple of rods.(head, wing tips, and tail) (I had to use tree branches in Canada this year) Not fancy, but I've used it when we got up to Canada and remembered that we left the flags sitting on the garage floor back at home.
the easiest thing to do is to cut out a square peice of black material, and attach it to some sort of stick, or dowel rod. You could use basically anything, we have a few made out of old sweatshirts.
Flags work great. If I had to choose between my calls and a lander flag I would take the flag every time. I also use windlife decoy heads. They fit one almost any decoy that you can take the heads off of. They are killer on bigfoots. :twisted: You can get them off of Jeff Foiles web site ( Works for me.

Double Clucker
save your money, buy a good flag, you are going to spend the 15 dollars it will cost to buy a good one in materials, and then if you can get some motion stakes on your deeks, thats if you have full bodies or .02
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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