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Mouth Calling

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Just out of curiousty... Does anyone else on this web site mouth call? I use it for snow geese and it works great, for lesser candas(which we have here on the Tx Coast) I use the glynn scobey snow goose call and cluck into it they seem to eat that up.
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My group all call as well as use the ecaller.I'm still learning, just got the basic hail call down so far.It's awesome when you see a flock way out there already going by, and they turn when you start calling.
My friend said he does it in the fall because it sounds like more snow geese instead of just one goose, I think he is kind of goofy for doing it, but I guess anything can happen.
my grandfather mouth calls darn good at it to the geese start turning away and he'll start calling and they will circle right back around he is awesome
I've mouth called on foggy days.....and works wonders 8)
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