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Motion Stakes

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I'm looking at buying some of motion stakes for my magnum shells, how do I choose the best spot to drill the hole and how far in the ground do I push the stake
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can you buy just the motion stakes, i have never seen them anywhere. I would love to buy them for all of our shells.
I heard that I should try to find the balance point for the decoys and drill there is that true or not

Gander Mountain

both have them
Check out the Avery Universal Motion Stakes - they will work for most every decoy and give them awesome movement. You can look in Cabelas or Bass Pro and they are something like $15 to $20 for a dozen. It is a great way to add motion. We use them on about 30% of our dekes. To find the balance point: get a long 16 penny nail and hold your decoy upright with the point inside the body. Move it around until it balances. Mark your spot and drill.
The best place is actually two places or more depending on how many head configurations you have. It is best to find the balance point for each head type. As for steaks, you can make them yourself from several different things. Old alluminum arrow shafts work well. They have the tapered end for nocks that will fit right into the holes in the dekes. Woodeb dow rods would work if you have a way to taper then ends. Those are you two best options of you can't find any in stores. As for putting them in the gorund. That depends on the wind. Light winds they should sit higher so they get the range of motion. Windy days its better to keep them on or close to the ground so they don't blow off. Good luck and happy hunting.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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