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Mossberg 935 - Range Report

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I finally had time today to take my new 935 out and break it in a little, and I'm very impressed with it and the results!

Since I have a preference for Kent Fast Steel 3" BB, this is what I had on hand and used (2 boxes).

I started with the Improved Cylinder choke and about 20 yards back and worked my way out to the 40 yard post.

After several shells I noticed that the patterns were really wide and not as tight as I like--even 25-30 yards away--so I switched to the Modified choke and this is the winning combination for this load & gun.

Using the Mod, my patterns were nice and tight from the 20 yard mark all the way back to the 40 yard post.

Each pull of the trigger kicked those spent hulls about 15 feet away and there were no failures to feed, fire, or function.

The weather today was great for testing a waterfowl gun as it was raining and cold. However, the real test will be on the sub-32 degree days in the snow!

So far, I think Mossberg has it right with the 935 and I don't feel shy recommending it if you're looking for a new semi-auto that doesn't require a home equity loan to buy. :D
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Good to hear everything went well,although not suprising. The vast majority of posts I've read about the 935 have been very positive.I'm planning on having one for next season.
Is the 935 heavy or bulky compared to an SBE etc.? I currently shoot an 835, and am considering upgrading to semi this season or next. Thanks!
The 935 is not bulky at all. As a matter of fact, I think that it is less bulky that my 835. It compares very well with all other semi-autos as far as the handling goes. I give it a big :D
that's good to know. I need to go to a store to check one out sometime. I am at college in Chicago right now, and haven't been to a gun store recently. That is one of the few things I don't like about my's bulkiness. But what a great gun! It proves faithful to me!
got my 935 for christmas recoil is so minute i love it what more can i say
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