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Mossberg 835

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I am intrested in buying a Mossberg 835 ulit-mag in mossy oak shadow grass pattern for this spring season. I mainly want want a gun chambered for 3.5" magnum. Does anyone own this gun? How well does it perform? I have heard a lot of pros and cons from various people. Most people seem to think a good oiling and cleaning will really break em in so they eject shells properly.
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I have a friend that I hunt with and he has a 12 gauge 835 mossberg. It's the only gun that he brings out hunting for duck, geese, and especially turkey. It preforms well and it isn't expensive.
I've owned and 835 since the second year they came out. Yes, for those in the know, it was before they started magnum porting the barrels. I

t is Extremely important if you are going to use a 3.5 pump gun that the best thing you can do for you and the gun is to work the action as hard as you can. The 3.5 inch shells will hang up and not do your extractor any favors if you work it the way you shoot with a 2 3/4. Keep them clean and oiled and work the action hard.

I have since upgraded to a Berreta o/u and have handed my 835 down to one of my sons but it is still a bird killing machine.
i have one and i can't say a single thing bad about it
I've heard LOTS of pro's, very few cons. If I was going for a pump, it'd be my #1 choice
I have one for sale if your intrested, its not camo though, its black and has a 26" barrel. shoot me an email at [email protected] if intrested
i bought an 835 two years ago, and after romoving the packing grease it was one heak of a gun. never jammed no matter how badly i abused it. i have since abandoned my 835 for goose hunting in favor of a bps 10 :twisted:
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