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I'm back. Hurrah for Illinois today. We had 2 bills past today in our favor. One to distroy gunshop database,and the other escapes me, but it was a win. You should have seen mayor daleys face this mourning on channel 9 news, he was throwing his hands, well you get the picture. He was HOT. I never laughed so hard in a long time. I think words gettin around, anyway i didn't know the waterfowl in the south was so different than for us in the north. That just goes to show you where or gov's minds at. u here chicago this chicago that, I almost forgot our capital is Springfield. I'm sure mayor daley would like that, anyway back to the hunting. Is there anything u've found out the rest of us hunters can do?. I belong to the NRA and get mostly all the info on when to contact someone and so on. Let me know if I can help. We as sportsman no matter what the sport have to help each other. My hats off to the Government officials that are helping us, and noticing that there is more to this state than chicago. Hurah to the military for giving us the freedom to be able to have a choice. Bang,bag, I'm feed- Passthru. Latter folks. United we stand.
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Hey i'm from southern illinois, we need to get the seasons to start a week later and run a week later. I dunno but a week after the season is over we always get a migration. I'm just glad they lowered the bag limit up north so some more birds get down here. I hate our governor, he's a moron. Stupid democratic state we live it. GO BUSH!!!
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