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mojo duck

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I was wondering if i could use a motorized mallard with remote and if yes how should i ? I only have two dozen hardcores
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Yes you could use it. I'd set it on the upwind side of your spread and just leave it spinning as an "attractor" (similar to distance flagging) but then turn it off once the see the spread. If they are coming and are out 500yds--just click it on and off like a goose stretching its wings to keep their attention. but do not keep it running when they are within 200 yds-turn it off. Way too many geese will be locked in and then flare at 40 to 100 yds out from the spinner or will give you the side slip because of the spinner. A winged flapper decoy would be better in my opinion for close in work. And especially a flag on a 9' flagging pole would be much better and you definately should invest in one considering how inexpensive it is. Also check with the state you want to use it in-as some states have restrictions on remote controls and/or spinners. As a bonus, put out a dz Mallard shells decoy by the spinner(upwind of the geese and seperated by 10yds between ducks/geese)-you can get some good duck hunting in between the flocks of Honkers in the field.
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well hey h20 I do have to 2 goose magnets wind activated and 18 hardcores full bodies with a layout blind any suggestions how to set up I understand the u and the j and the x how should i use the magnets? and should i put them by the mojo?
wondering if i could use a motorized mallard with remote
remember to always check ur regulation mojos are only allowed some times of the year and in some states without remote...... just a helpful tip

i mainly stay away from them to a point they help but most of the time i find it to be off so we just stick to flagging us some geese and ducks

Where do u mainly hunt cuz i live about an hour south of the Twin Cities and i mainly hunt by Rochester?????
nr grand blanc and also nr fenton
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