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Moderators for GHC?

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It seems we have a need for some moderators on Goose Hunting Chat. I would be glad to help, and I am sure others would here also. Is this in the works?
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I would be happy to help also. Just tell me what to do. :D
If it's something that is in the works, sounds like a great idea. I'm currently a moderator of an ice fishing forum on a great fishing site and would like to help out where ever I can.
I would like to help out too, I am a mod on duckhuntingchat so I know how it all works.
I would vote mallardhunter for the mod job. But Im sure Hustad will make wise choice. :D
I agree on the co-mods. Seems most sites do that, just in case one is not available.
I stop in here occasionally and am a Mod over at DHC too. Yeah there needs to be a whole slew of Mods for the different forums. There are 17 different forums here at GHC, ideally there should be at least one Mod per forum. Some guys could do a couple forums I suppose. As for a super MOD who can do changes to them all, I suspect Chris would be very picky on who gets that position.

I think I'll give Chris a heads up about this Mod talk here.
I was asked to be a super moderator and I told him yeah I would help out.
Hey Gang,

You bet, it's needed here as the site is growing. I am very short on free time this week as I'm on the road and in the middle of the desert and the internet is spotty.

I will get this setup and will contact each of you about modding.

Thanks for the help guys!

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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