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Missouri Snowgoose hunts

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Does anyone have experience with these no limit hunts...if so how are they?

Have any luck with eating snows.....are they fit for jerky?

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missouri is hard to hunt.too many guides and hard to get permission in.only guy that let me hunt ask me"are you a guide?if not you can hunt.
Snows are a little slimier and soft, less grainy.
Come on down, MO is great for snows. A few around where I am, but major buildup starts in Feb through April. As far as permission goes, it is hit and miss, as it is everywhere. Lots of farmers want them gone, as they cause too much damage to their crops.

Never ate them, but if you want to dig through my dumpster at work, you can have all you want! Snows and spoonies are the only thing I don't eat when it comes to waterfowling.

On second thought, no don't come down. MO has no snows...ever. I want them all to myself. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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