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Middle Creek, PA

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to goose hunting. Originally from Lebanon, PA but moved near Williamsport 4 years ago. I went on my first guided goose hunt last Tuesday for snows and I loved it. The Canadians flocked in like crazy but the Snows were much more crafty. Only got one but it was worth it. The question I have to ask is if it is worth setting up on the game lands adjacent to Middle Creek for Canadians? Does it get full with Goose hunters? Does it work? I don't have access at this time to farm land so I thought I'd try the gamelands first. Any suggestions? :lol:
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Hey I am from Lebanon also, i hunt the project when we get blinds, and we also go for "no shows" usually on the first day of bear season. I never hunted the land surrounding the project. Only because to draw them from that land gotta be hard. I mean when i hunt on the project i have trouble getting them to commit, but i know alot of guys that do hunt or try to anywaz around the project. hey good luck, let me know how u do.
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