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Xmas Goose

It was the night before Xmas when all through the field.
All the hunters were into the new christmas cheer.
Dad and Grandpa were singing their song
Oh ya Oh ya where have all the geese gone.

When out on the roof I heard such a clatter
I sprang form my bed to see what was the matter
I ran to the window my Benelli in hand
Peering over the vent to my eyes should apear

Canada's Mallards and Snows
In a perfect V, setting down as light as a deer
They dropped on the roof and left a little curled up surprise
As I heard them say much to my surprise

Leave it for all the golfers to fear
But leave it we must for a hunter to smeer
For without this most hunters would be lost
As to Where we last were in the field of their thoughts

And even next year as hard as they might
They will still have to look
For our curled up flight
Knowing full well we crapped on them to night

Even though we have gotten in the last mark
Next year the hunters will protect our parks
They will fight for the right of our young to be fed
Keeping the marsh lands close to their heads and beds

And soon it will start all over again
Up Canada Up Snow Up Speckeled be gone
Take flight with joy as you move to the South
And Lay in the the Hay with a partner or friend

For next years eggs
Will be protected I say
So that us and the Hunters
Can do it all over again

Merry Xmas

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:rolling: :rolling: :rolling: You actually did it huh?! :thumbsup: Oldest post on GHC! AWESOME!! :rolling: :rolling: :rolling:
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