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Meat Grinder

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I was thinking of getting a meat grinder because they are not that expensive, and I want a short reed goose call but do not want to spend alot of money. What are your opinions on this call?
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I have have had no experience with foiles, but another moderately priced call is the Tim Grounds Poly Carb Supermag. Its exactly the same as the supermag, but made out of a different material, and there only about 45 bucks
I like the Meat Grinder better than the Poly mag.

Meat grinder is easier to blow and has great sound.
a buddy that i hunt with has a poly carb supermag, that he went and had Tim hand tune, and it is definitely the easiest blowing call that i have blown for a while
go for that Poly Super Mag, unless you can afford the real deal....
I just got a meatgrinder tonight and I blew it alot on the way home and I like the way it sounds, and it is very easy to blow.
Does anyone have any tips on blowing a short reed call because I am new at it.
Honker Talk with Shawn Stahl is a great instructional video, i would start there
spend $40 more and get a Strait meat honker off ebay. You wont regret it.

polys are ok- but you'll like the sound and volume of an acrylic.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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