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mazonia hunt club

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hey fellas i was just wondering if any of you have ever hunted at the mazonia hunt club. is it any good? do you have a lot of success? most of all is it worth it?
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I've hunted Mazonia. When the geese are at Braidwood, Mazonia is thick in them. The experience was good, paid $150.00 got 2 birds, whats not to love?
We saw about 6000 birds(rough guess). Heated pits. Guide was friendly and knew what he was doing.
I hunt there in January about 4 or 5 times a yr. I have limited almost every time. This is the 1st yr I didn't limit out on every hunt. The birds were flying high. The price is $125 which includes the guide fee of $25. I usually tip the guide a little extra though. They serve you lunch in the pit if you are in it that long or they serve it at the barn. The place is unreal if the weather is right. You need severe cold weather in the northern zone to freeze up the area so that Braidwood would be the only open water around. When they are there it is awesome. If I were you I'd call Neal or Eric and ask them what the shooting is like or ask to be put on the email list, both actually. They are very honest and will say get down here it is good or it is ok we're killing them but we have to work at it or stay in bed. That is the nicest part of it they want you to come back and be satisfied. They tell you straight up what to expect. At the right time the place is 5 star.
Could also try Braidwood lake hunt club right next door. Guides who used to work at Mazonia started it and run a good operation. One of the guides is by far one of the best callers around. Foiles offered to sponsor him in contests but he is a hunter and said pass. His name is Barnie Calleti.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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