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Making windsocks..HELP!?

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I'm trying to build my own snow/blue goose windsocks. Does anyone know where I can get a roll of Tyvek. I've heard you can get a 3' wide roll 100' or 300'. If so do you know roughly how much it costs. If anyone else has done this what did you use for the collar rings? Any info would help thanks.
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Check out the classifieds...I have the ability to order in bulk rolls of Tyvek (1443R, the soft good stuff)...I may also be able to do a smaller order for you as well.
I was just at Bass pro shops and they had 50 canadian rags, brown. for $19.99 for 50. You make the stakes and you could even make the heads in silo form from coragated plastic.
I would not recommend the "Texas Rag" socks...They are good for filler decoys, but I would not want the bulk of my spread to be these...They are simply too much maintenace. They are esentially non-shine garbage bags that you assemble onto a stake. You do this by stapling, or taping, but regardless of which method you use, you will find that they stick to each other when being stored and often rip because of this.

This last fall was the first season that I actually tried those and I will never do it again. I ripped about 15 out of 100 just from the first season of use (I only used them about 5 times last fall)...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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