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Making goose calls.

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I'm in a class in high school that may allow me to make a goose call. I thought that i would give it a try. Anyone have any tips or other wise useful information? Maybe even a proven design?
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I will PM ya.

C Dubb
C-Dubb you dont have time for that you should be workin :D :lol:

Good luck making your call fisherhunter. Wish I had a class like that
:D yeah i second that :p :p :p :p :wink:
Sorry are priority ONE!!!

Fisherhunter hope the info helps like I said email with any Q's

C Dubb
I guess you can have a little spare time :lol:
Thanks man :lol:
Sorry about the old thread, but could you send me the plans? [email protected] thanks alot
im a freshmen in college and while in highschool wood shop i made 3 short reeds and 2 duck calls on the lathe. was pretty simple just have to have the time to do it it won't come out perfect the first time.
could you pm me those directions? my grandfather has a lathe that he said i could use or have if i could find some room
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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