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lots of geese in area, but none near our place

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hi brand new to this forum, but need some help, live in Wyo. have alot of geese flying in very large groups near our farm, but nothing has looked very interested? Corn was very late coming out, combined just around xmas, the big flocks are using fields near here but nothing has come close, would disking the remaining stalkes help??? any ideas please let me know, and thanks, Have not fired a shot this year, lots of geese but mostly big huge flocks and using refuge areas which do not alow hunting. thanks stan
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Instead of discing you could mow the stalks using mower attachment on tractor. Mow about a 40 - 50 yard circle put your dekes in there, you can still hide your blinds in the stubble if you don't have a pit.
thanks, for the idea about mowing down the stalkes, they are cut now, just stubble sticking out, the problem is the large, to huge flocks in the area have not been broken up, and we have 3 big refuge areas, 3 miles of river, and the old fort laramie land, which the birds are using very well, just sitting all day, going from one refuge area to the other,with this bitter cold, maybe they will eat there way from the refuge fileds and start coming in, but thanks very much for the ideas. Stan
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