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i used to do a lot of duck/goose hunting in E WA while growing up here.
now that i live out of state and only make it back for holidays my time to track down birds has dwindled to barely a trickle :( I no longer have time to drive endlessly over the country in search of some birds. Which my empty bags are proof of....

so to make a long story short, i'm trying to find out where the birds are.
At least in general areas? I don't expect, though i would gladly accept specific information, contacts etc :)

How is sprague lake shooting these days? The last few times i've been out there have been lackluster.

Are there many birds around Moses lake now?

I do have access to a 16' flatbottom boat with a good size motor. ( I could share:)

at any rate hopefully, everyone has a great turkey day.

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