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little help please

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ok,i have hunted ducks but never geese. i have yet to have any geese come in to my duck spreed like others have had the luck of. i would like to buy some decoys and go GOOSE hunting. there is a few good spots for them. one is on the river and another is on a refuge. on the refuge they have pit blinds that you have to put into a lottery for. now the guys that hunt there tell me you need at least 5 doz "full body" decoys to even make a dent. some of these guys put out 20 doz.
now i can not afford 5 doz full bodies. i was hoping i could get away with 4-3 doz shells and 1-2 doz full bodies. if it will work how should i mix the two?if not i'll start getting full bodies one doz at a time.

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It really depends on the time of the season, how big are the flocks you are trying to decoy, how much competition in the area, etc...

This past Sunday(Wisconsin Early Season), two of went out and used a simple two doz shell setup. Positioned each doz as a family unit with gap in the middle and used one call and one flag to pull them in. Two hours of hunting and when the smoke cleared we had 9 honkers. The two largest were 14 lbs.

Location, location, location! Scout in advance and setup with good cover. If you are using a smaller setup a flag can work wonders. Then each year you can add a doz or two to your inventory as you can afford it. Makes it a little easier on the wallet. That and find a hunting buddie that can add to the spread and you can both have a good time.

Good luck out there!
good question i forgot to add. this place has 18 blinds close together with alot of compitition. the geese fly over from the river all at once. ive seen em fly twice there and it wold be about 3 groups totaling about 150-200 birds. my real question is with this situation with alot of pressure and every one else useing full bodies does it matter if i have a mix of full bodies and shells or would the gesse go to the other guys spreads?

Man ive hunted stuff like that before, and it's nuts, but not too nuts to hammer some honkers. sure you can mix full bodies with shell, but watch out how you set them up. if your using somewhat of a hook for the geese to land in i would put the full bodies at the bottom of it. because the closer the geese will be to it the more realistic it will seem. i would also recomend using the g&h magnum shells they are awesome
thanks, thats what i wanted to know. i will try those g&h mag shells.

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