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lets seperate the men from the boys

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I was just wondering how many hunters that belong to this forum would take out someone that consistantly shoots birds on the ground. and by birds i dont mean TURKETS . peronaly i wouldnt take u out if the thought even crossed youre mind. Im sorry if i have affended any of the KIDS in here but this arguing about this topic is just pure bull ****. If i was the moderator of this forum i would ban u for even sugesting such an idea.

Just my 2 cents[/u]
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some "kids" dont shoot birds on the ground. Im 20 years old and love the sport and satisfaction of shooting birds in the air. If anyone i ever hunted with shot a bird on the ground, its cya later and never come back. I have a very firm belief in this golden rule of waterfowling. Some may disagree but thats fine i will never be hunting with you anyway.
By the time they hit the ground.... they are already dead :mrgreen:

No someone new would have one bye...then we go over the shooting geese on the ground rule...then it's bye,bye.
I don't shoot them on the ground, and I don't know who would shoot one on the ground.
If there is a whole bunch of them, I try to let the most I can land on the ground and then take the last ones if I have a clean shot. The last two times I hunted, I layed in the decoys. I let them all land (didn't have a good shot because they were to my right and I am a right handed shooter) and by the time I got up and out from the blind and had my gun up, they were already flying away from me. If there is less then five, they are already dead when they hit the ground. :mrgreen: So no, I have not shot one on the ground all year or ever.
hey pagooser i think u took my post the wrong way. I wasnt trying to say that all kids shoot birds on the ground. i consider myself a kid too [25] but wut i was getting at is there are a few people in here that were trying to make arkensawing geese on the ground sound ethical [goose hunting ethics written by mpeitmeyer]. I am a ferm believer in hunting ethics and consider this web site a reflection uppon all of the waterfowlers that are regesterd here. I undrstand that people are entidald to there oppinions but if youre oppinion is that u feel it is ethical to dust a non crippaled goose on the ground than it is my oppinion that u do not belong posting on this website. I also understand that I am not a moderator here and I cannot kick anyone out but that is just my oppinion.
Why make such a big fuss about it? Two each there own, they shouldnt be put down for doing this. And personally dont shoot birds on the ground. But there is no need to start a thread that turn into a pissing match. I think a person who starts a thread like this is childish do try to hold the "Im the best waterfowler Ego."
Sorry about that, guess i took it the wrong way. I completly agree with you. I understand to each his own but, this is one of those rules needs to be enforced or else in future, people will just be smokin the geese on the ground. sorry to offend anyone.
thank yous pagooser. like i said before i wasnt trying to affend anybody, espeasaly kids. im sorry if my post came out to be a little stong. geuss i should have worded it a little better. i geuss i just feel there should be a line set some place. In responce to wut goosebusters3 said, Im not trying to display my self as the worlds best fowler. I have down days just like everyone else. Yet by being a waterfowler like the rest of the people here i think we have an obligation to set an example by following a simple code of ethics. If we dont there will be no futer in our beloved sport. Ive been reading some of the posts that a few people have been posting latley and i feel that something had to be said thats all.

There I got that off my back and I wont say any more.

Aaron T
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Hey GB3, isn't that my job??? :lol: :lol:

Anyways, about shooting them on the ground, why not if they are injured?? I'd rather die with a bullet to my head than getting my neck rung!!! :? If a goose gets up and tries to half *** fly away from me, I cap it in the head. It's all about knowing your shotgun and exactly how it patterns!!! That's the ethical way to hunt, knowing your capabilities and possibilities with the shotgun you have in your hands!! Just my .02, don't spend it all at once!!! :lol: 8)
Finisher... If I were to hunt with you(and I would if I had the chance) I would make sure that there were ground rules in place. Not everyone see's this issue the same. Diversity can and is a good thing.. Ethics is a grey area that gets eveyones blood presure up. Not everyone is brought up the same way. People in the South hunt with dogs for deer. Up north, it's unheard of. Ethical, your the only one that draws the line for what is and what is not acceptable for you. Here another one : Fishing with Gold Fish for Muski..
LOL I like the gold fish ideal :p :p :p :p
By the way yus season is open till the 14 aint it. HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM???????? :lol:
I'm not sure but I know it goes at least till the 14th. Glad your cool with all of this discussion. You sound like a great hunter(ethical too LOL). I'd like to meet ya some time. I just got a batch of Deeks and 2 calls free from a Cousin. He had a stroke and can't use them anylonger. He's a great guy. I'm going to take him out next year after I get a little better at working the birds. I don't want to emabrras myself or anything (like I don't already)...
hey ropeagoose where do you hunt? i hunt in cochranville and the surrounding area, i noticed you were from SE pa as i am, i live in New London. Just wonderin
I typo'ed there... I'm from SW PA. Near Pittsburgh (actually 40 miles north).
First off let me say that you started this thread by trying to belittle anyone that does not agree with you. Your a man because you shoot geese in the air and someone else is some how less of a man than you because he shot a goose on the ground. Do you really think you will convince anyone to switch their way of doing things with the way you talk to them? Where you hoping to start a fight with the attidude.

I have watched the same thing in the archery crowd with baiters and non-baiters, compounders and traditionalists, bowhunters and rifle hunters and the list goes on. Some one always thinks their way of hunting it so much better than the other guy. They try to sway them to their way of thinking by talking down to them and showing elitism and the only thing they acomplish is to isolate the groups even farther and is non productive.

If you wish to convince them you need to state facts and not your opinion and check the addititude on your position at the door. State how geese are easier to kill when wings are up and the vitals exposed more. How wing feathers down add more mass to shoot through. But using the additude "Your a piece of crap if you don't hunt like me." has never won anyone over or changed anyones mind. It only makes them stick to what they are doing even harder.

Work smarter not harder. Also, now you would like anyone that does not agree with you banned, ousted or not allowed on the site? What kind of site would this be if every post turned into one post follewed by 10 "Yup, I agree." Pretty dern boring if you ask me. A little contovery is good once in a while if ya'll can learn not to throw rock and loose your tempers.
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I'm not telling you guys to shoot um on the ground. I'm just saying that I don't really know if you are atcually thinking the idea through. I read through the finisher's posted messanges and didn't see one fact or or statement to back up a single thing he said. Could you please clairify what you were saying previously about why you think there is only one way to do things or at least back up some of your thoughts and just don't go off the wall with wild statements that make many who don't beleive exactly what you say look down on you.
Just my .02. I also believe in shooting them in the air and in at close range. There are times when it happens but I DONT THINK IT IS SOMETHING ANYBODY GOES OUT AND TRIES TO DO(SHOOT ON GROUND AND SKYBUST). You go out hunting for the sport and the fun of it, if a person didnt like the way he or she was doing it, then they wouldnt do it. To each their own and if you take somebody hunting then just try and be nice and show them how you do it and maybe they will catch on and like it.
Ya know, there is a school of out there that says shooting decoying geese is unsporting. I mean, how many of us hunt geese for the challenging wing shooting it offers ? :D

Having said that, I don't give a "Texas Love Tap" . Why would you need to when a landing bird is damn near hovering in your face ?
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