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Lets have some fun! question???

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I'm glad to see another forum on Goose Hunting.
always happy to talk to some fellow hunters.

Besides Take-em, whats the funniest thing you've ever heard your pit boss say when its time to shoot. :lol:
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Well I got a big speech about how not to take em until my hunting partner says take him. Well two teal flew right over our heads and instead of "take em" all i heard was "OH ****" BANG BANG
Well I once yelled "Cull-EM" and my bud thought I said "Call-em" so he grabbed his calls as I started shooting so I just gave up and now you'll hear

BANG BANG "Dead bird fetch em up :roll:

This ain't a call to shoot but how about "Here comes a pair of singles" :lol:
Winneconne, WI

This is duck hunting but funny enough to post. I never hunted with the guy yet.

My uncle's buddy would say "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM" When the first shootable flock would come into range.

Why, because there are houses about 400 yards away on Twin Harbor Road (at this hunting location). He knew he was waking everybody up that lived there.
I use that famous phrase from Cosmo Kramer, " HOOTCHIE MAMA"
LooseyGoosey: I like this one! I can't stop laughing! :lol: :lol: :lol: & I'm going to have a class next period. Kids'll think "this teacher's nuts!" Hootchie mama! :lol:
The best one I've heard is TAKE ER OFF SAFE AND PUT ER ON PAY

good luck and be safe

Double Clucker
While scouting for birds in Saskatchewan a couple of years ago we stopped in to ask permission from one of the local farmers. He said, "You want to do what? Shoot the geese on my slough? I hate those damn things! Shoot till you win!"

Ever since, the go word in our blind has guessed it -

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