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late hunt

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:D :D :D :D :D I have spotted a large Canada Goose Hunt Possibly 1500 to 2000 birds in the field.
Problem, snow is here, cover is scaris and it is a large section of land with no fences.
We use Legacy Pro Guide Blinds. Any ideas on how to set up in the winter. These birds appear to be very weiry. I am shooting this on Frideay the 14th. 03. I recognize with this many birds we should be able to decoy our limit quite easy, however I want to learn from others experiences.
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Buy some cans of the christmas tree flocking spray, works great to spray on the blinds. They're like $1-2 and wipe off easy.
Dont forget the white hood for your face.
Thanks guys I will let you know how the hunt turned out. Tomorrow is D Day.
:oops: Sorry not Koovanusa IT IS KOOCANUSA.
:D :D :D :D Well we are back home the morning shoot was excellent.
We accomplished our objective of working a young dog, used the canned snow worked well. We could have taken our limit very easily however no sense. I have some excellent pictures if I only new where to post them.

PS the noise of all tose geese was remarkable.

Thanks for all your help.
:D :D Thanks Gman the artifical snow worked ery well.
We limited out on big Canadas on Monday morning and mallards.
I'm jealous, I'm still waiting for our big push.
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