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Last Weekend of Goose season

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Sunday concludes the last weekend of goose in my area in New York. Hopeing to get out for one last hunt. Went out last weekend and took some mallards before that closed. good luck to everyone.
Jodie Bell :D
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Saturday might be last day that I will get out. Could be between 1-6 other people with me. That means we could get 21 geese. :lol: No way we will get that many, but I will post on how we did.
our season ends the 29th. we just started a 2 bird limit. been real warm but will change by the weekend. should make for some interesting shooting. good luck to all
Got out this morning with my dad only. He shot two and I shot one. Would have had our limits if we could have shot straight. :lol: :roll: You know how it goes. Some geese landed in the lower part of the field we were hunting in and later they flew right over us about 30 yards up. After I shot I saw a all white goose! :shock: Does anyone think that this could have been a snow goose? We both didn't see it until it was too late. :evil: I also saw a piebald deer in the field. :shock: Time to get ready for next year. :(
I'll respond even though it's over a month later.

Yes it very possibly could be a snow goose.

2 years ago, we had an awesome hunt with 4 of us killing our limits that totalled 20 geese plus 2 other ones.

Two white geese were shot out of a flock of canadas, one ended up being a snow and the other was a giant domestic goose. We thought the domestic goose was a snow.

Both of these birds were in a decent sized flock of Canadas and snows aren't common in the area we hunt.

Hope this helps.
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