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Kent Fasteel

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Anybody here use Kent fasteel? I bought a box of #1 3 1/2" just before the season ended and I never got a chance to try it. I'm told that It's supposed to be pretty good.

Any comments?
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I've never used the stuff, but from my understanding the only differance between fast steel and steel is the muzzle velocity. That should be obvious. The biggest differance is in the physics behind them. The fast steel will hit a little harder than steel at all ranges. Thats about the only differance. The only way to find out is to pattern them and compare. Good luck.
I patterned both out of my guns and they both didn't seem to like em patternwise. Maybe it's the manufacturer, who knows, but none of the 4 boxes had any mis-sfires, which some are known for!!!
There are quite a few other posts where Kent Cartridges are mentioned but I am a big fan of them. They seem to be a little cleaner burning than the Remingtons(just my observation in my gun) and the price is not out there. I bought a case this year and it patterns well with my gun. Like any shells you should pattern it and see what your guns does. Just my 2 cents.
So far I have great luck with Kent's. Fast steel (regardless of who makes it) will kill much better, and Kent has worked very well for me. I was a die hard Winchester hunter, but after my first hunt am not going back. High velocity just knocks 'em down dead!
I love Kent Fast Steel, my Mossberg patterns really well with it and the knock down power within 40 yards is amazing IMO.

One of the guys in our group uses a 10 gauge, and shooting side by side at the same distances, the Kent Fast Steel seems to have the same punch making clean and fast one shot kills.
My uncle just bought a case of it, I guess he has become a fan of it too after using it last year.
i like them,used alot of storeboughts find them pretty good.
Definetely a killer load. Just pattern your gun with them first. They threw some really bad patterns out of my Xtrema. They pattern great out of my buddy's SBE and he thumps them deader than a doorknob.

Speed Kills
I used them 2 seasons ago and wasn't impressed with the patterns they gave out of my Browning. Last year I switched to Win. HV and they dropped the birds like crazy.Point is, you have to pattern every gun for each load.Each and every gun patterns a little different with the same shells. It's all trial and error.
i use kent fast steel it throws a tight pattern out of my mossberg 935 it provides alot of knock down power the furthest goose i shot fell at 60 yards it was high and flying away i curled it probaly at 50 to 55 yards so i am a big fan of it
just bought some new kents.3.5 bb speed is 1625.lookin forword to touchin a few of theses off this season.1/1-4 load
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