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I am considering a guided hunt for geese hopefully snows in Katy Texas. I will be trying to go in Jan. so we can kill other species as well. Has anyone ever hunted in Katy or have any recommendations? I have been referred to Larry Gore who I have heard of before, Has anyone hunted with this outfitter before?
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I would say the Best guide in the Katy Area is Butchs Guide Service. If you are inrested in a hunt call 832 221 0209 or check out there website at I am one of there guides and we have been having some goods hunts this last month. The cost is $120 a hunter, the major difference between butch's outfit and Larry Gores is that Larry Gore is all about money, he tries to run as many parties as he can to make as much money as he can. All of our guides here are true killers we like to watch them die as much as the hunters do. If you want a good hunt call the number and check out the website.
Thanks for the info I will check it out. I have heard mixed things about Gore. Disregard my Pm it was before I read your post
I didn't get to be the most reputable and well known guide in Texas by not taking care of hunters.
You most likely have a better chance of having a good hunt with Larry Gore's outfit than with any other guide service in this part of the world.
Plus why does another guide have to be negative about Larry Gore's.
Could it be that they can't sell their own hunts on their own merits so they have to go negative on the guy they can't hold a candle to?

Go with Larry Gore's outfit and you will go with professionals.
i have hunted with lary gore lol, the money is the problem and the other thing is i was the one likking the geese and most of my kill with to other hunters in the blind down from me lmao i didnt like that at all if i kill it i keep it and eat it , that's what hunting is men and women dont leave the ladys out i have seen some shot better than men , all i am saying is make it plan to the guide if you shot it stack it up by you not leroy lol , it all far in love and war but i did kill a lot of geese i will not lie 22 in a day , and only 5 were taken by another hunter so yep now you see what i ment . but lary hase good land to hunt just get with small party is all ,
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