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Kansas Hunting??

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Yea was just wondering if anyone lives in Kansas or mabey knows of some good spots to shoot some geese. :lol:

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HE hehehehe I know i didn't want to take half the

I have been hunting geese in kanas. my favorite place to go is up to the kirwin wildlife refuge in phillips county. its the "goose capital" of kansas. lots of fields nearby refuge to hunt in. i perfer the milo fields up there.
I live in Kansas and Goose hunting is good depending on the day as like everywhere else. There is said to be 500,000+ Geese on Quivira National Wildlife refuge right now. There is one whooping crane but they say it will leave this week sometime and hunting will open. Them birds ain't been shot at there so that will be some hunting for a day or two. Will guide ya on a hunt if you are interested e-mail me at [email protected]
Or you could just free lance and do it yourself.... :lol:
i lived in ks but recently moved to pueblo, co my buddy and i in the last 4 seasons havent shot less than 400 each year kinda hard to do in sw ks where there isnt much of anything but we got it done
have 4 dozen bigfeet, 40 v boards, depends on the time of season in regards to the amount of dekes i put out..
The last 2 days of our Nebraska season I used 3 not dozen bigfoots. 2 feeders and 1 rester It woked well we got 15 but it took until about noon.

Double Clucker
Last season we ran 17 doz higdon fullbodies. 1 doz big shells on the pit. 2 doz speck shells, and 7 doz snows/blues.
Where are you ?
Call me.

(316) 648-3494
Anybody near or in Wichita need a hunting partner? I love to goose hunt, but don't know too many people who are fairly serious about it. I've got 30 nice dekes and plenty of time on the weekends during the season.
Call me sometime.

"There is said to be 500,000+ Geese on Quivira National Wildlife refuge right now."

There may be 500. There have been some cranes show up, but highly doubt that many geese yet.

What's the name of your guide service ?

That quote about the geese at Quivira is really old and no longer accurate.

check your pm
I can't believe I didn't look at the date. Anxious to kill something I guess.

Aren't we all. I am at work till Mon morning at 8 am. Working right now, but have only had one call. I am gonna chase some fall turks monday evening.
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