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Does anyone have anysuggestions on how to get rid of 1 or 2 oxymorons that stand about 100 yards below my decoy spread (mind you they are hiding in some brush with NO decoys and prob not steel shot either) and shoot at geese that are flying over them directly into my spread?After shooting at them the geese decide "well huh....maybe we shouldnt land here anymore" and pooooofff!off they go to some secret hiding place.Any suggestions would help....... :?
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Hmmm....... a late night expedition with a few beaver traps might leviate the problem :shock:
Find some nice 3" steel shot in about #6's if you can find them. And just give them a little sprayin after they decide to shoot at your geese. It shouldn't hurt too bad. :D Or you could do the gentlman thing and go down and talk to them. If talking doesn't work. I'd say let em' have it.
Bird Bombs - Its a shotgun shell with a M-80 instead of shot. Loud! I found some down south at a ******* gun shop or look around at your local gun shows. :twisted:
Hey, Kyle, I think one of you needs to consider a Rottweiler for a retreiver. When those clowns shoot, send him to GET'EM!!!!
I assume they have permission to hunt where they are? If not-call the law and let them write a tticket for tresspassing.
There may be a state law on the books to help you out. Here in MN there is a recent law whichs states you may not interfear with ones hunting, basicaly written to stave off antihunters spooking off game. But it would also cover this situation as long as you were there first in the morning and you had permission to hunt there. Maybe you have a similar hunter harassment law?

I heard more grumbling across the country this year than the last 2 years about discourteous "hunters" It started here about 6-7 years ago when early goose hunting started to become poplular---it is to the point that most of the fun is gone when somebody ruins it for you time after time-which happens a lot here in MN.... :(
Here ya go. It will take some effort on your part. If these "gents" are in the same local each time, then I suggest a little suprize of Ground red pepper powder. If there are overhanging branches, a few film canisters full should do the trick. I would use heavyweight monofilliment tied to film canisters. Loosely attach lids so that they pop open when your pull the mono. A lead weight glued to the top helps swing the can (also, attach a string thru the canisters attaching both ends but with enough space to allow powder to exit). Stretch the mono to your blind/hide and wait for the fellows to pull their antics. Make the attempt to hide the film cans and make sure the mono is high off the ground or or under the ground so it will not be disturbed till needed. Also heed your wind direction. Rain also assist with the adhetetion of the Pepper. Method 2 (much easier) A loud air horn just as the geese are approaching. You both lose the birds but they will catch your drift. Method 3 (as stated before) Call the law. I would recommend this one myself. LOL.. Enjoy and remember, Hunting is to be enjoyed and shared. If you really can't take these guys and talking hasn't worked, Pull the string.
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Man you have way too much time between flocks dude, :lol: I usually take naps in the snow and dream about geese landing and wake up when geese are taking off out of my spread. Thanks for the ideas though, keep em coming. :D
Sure it's a tenuous situation, given the fact there are guns present, but I'd have to lay a hurt'n on those boys...Then again I'm capable of doing that. Perhaps you are not; there is nothing wrong with that...the "hands on approach" isn't for everyone and that's cool. However, if that is the case and it just isn't your style; well, you must know someone that would be willing to help you get your point across.

Save the James Bond contraptions for the Shriners convention and pummel these A-holes! After all, it sounds by your description that these pricks are shooting toward you no?? That's where I take things personally and to the next level ( I don't care how far out of pellet range they may DO NOT shoot toward me without consequence!

Good Luck!
I've had similar problems with Pheasant hunters, they find a guy with a decent dog, and tag along waiting for me to miss one or not be able to shoot it because they are in the way. I usually just pull out (beat the snot outta one ******* once, but he reeeeeeeeally needed it). I'm not sure what kind of land your hunting, but is there any way you can move your spread so that you intercept the geese before they get to Sirgfried and Roy?
Are you guys for real. Lets fight about it??? I would say there is nothing to do, find another spot to hunt and do not resort to violence. There is no hunting that u=is worth the chance you are taking resorting to threats and violence with guns present. You do not know who you might be dealing with. That macho crap is for adolescence, not for adults!! :roll:
I would suggest finding another spot to hunt, that is if you have that option. I have hunted where guys stand outside a refuge, on their property, and shoot at the the geese coming out. By the time they get to us they are 300 yards up and will travel far away before landing.
Thanks for the help guys!lol very creative ideas I love it !
Hey Gooseman try this to blow their mind just wander over and ask if they'd like to join ya that way every body might get some good shooting 8) . Who know you might make some need friend that might offer to show you a new spot, after all there are enough of the PETA type folks that want to mess up your hunting as it is :cry: . This way if it turns out they're just there to herass you for hunting you now have a case with the local warden to put a stop to it. :wink:

Good luck and good hunting.
ya go with that last one der (love talking like i am from UP, close but no cigar) :lol:
Drop down some buckshot onto of 'em that is if u can get within 85 yrds!

lol thats not very smart, I would go with a little prank I did once to my friends, buy some quarter sticks of dynamite and sneek behind 'em. Light 'em up about 30 yrds behin them and watch them **** themselves!
i would just say to do it the easiest way. get a black and white piece of cloth that looks like a skunk and put it in or near there hunting spot and then cover it in skunk urine. or just fill baloons with it being careful and just lob it at them.
I like LOVEMYLABXS 's answer maybe they are greenhorns AND hands, just trying goose hunting on the cheap. then again maybe they're dedicated dike hunters with widgeon blood in their veins you'll never know until you talk to them

then...tell them the courteous distance normally accepted is about 200 yards between ppl maybe a bit more. tell them their's lots of lake.stress safety of falling shot like hevishot.

if that doesn't work I'd suggest a call to the game warden maybe he can talk to them . there's something about that badge...
Reload some shells with salt pellets. Its litterally salt in an open wound, Quite the sting. Tht should do the trick :D
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