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GregB said:
jj4two said:
......As far as Gooseasauruses are concerned...I like to kill my birds outright...not wound them, and then my Lab have to get into a fist fight with them when he goes out and tries to retrieve them. I am tired of guys using under "gunned" firearms and ammo and just wounding birds. These majestic animals deserve better from us!!
Very well said.
Just what is your "impression" of being under-gunned?! If you're hitting the birds in the head/neck or in the vitals inside the killing range of the loads you're using, then your dog shouldn't have to chase down cripples in the first place! A bigger gauge gun is no excuse for poor shooting. :roll: I kill my "Gooseasauruses" pretty darn DEAD with my 12 gauge "pop" guns and a 1 1/4 ounce load of Expert 1's with regularity. I have had MAYBE enough cripples in the last 5 years to count on one hand and that's with about 400 rounds of ammo being fired in the field. The gun has absolutely NOTHING to do with the killing part. Sure the "big tens" are nice guns and will generally pattern a bit better than the 12's with the equivilant weight loads but ...not by much, especially if the shooter has taken the time to actually pattern his gun/load/choke combo! It is the shot you put into the bird that does the killing. Put up a decent pattern and shoot at the bird withing the killing envelope of the shot you're throwing up and as long as you can hit what you're aiming at, you should end up with a dead goose on the ground. :thumbsup:
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