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is this true?

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I went goose hunting in baycity and the guide told a story about a man that would cut a slip around the brass of his 10 ga. shell to make his gun have a better spread and when he would shoot the plastic part of the shell would shoot out of the gun with the bb's still in it and he said this would give him 15 more yards of range. is this true
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If I understand what you're explaining, I think it can be done with an after market choke like a patternmaster.
If you are talking about making cuts just above the brass so the entire "shot+wad+hull" part of the shell goes out the barrel-don't do it. You will have created a slug that just might take somebody's head off!
This is a DUMB thing to do. It may work a few times but sooner or later you WILL blow up your choke and barrel and maybe yourself. It's kinda like shooting a 10 gauge shell in a 12 gauge gun (if you could). I've a freind that used a year or two old BBB steel shell that had rusted together from lying in his boat. He shot at a goose from a field blind and blew his choke and barrel to bits. Your trying to do the same thing because if the choke doesn't strip the hull from the payload, it ain't fit through the choke and Blewwy. It's a sound you won't soon forget either !! Good luck :roll:
i have not forgot and will not forget the sound i heard today with my 12 gauge
i have not forgot and will not forget the sound i heard today with my 12 gauge
How did you do that? Just curious.
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