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is this an ok shotgun?

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i have a benelli nova 12 gauge pump 3.5 and it has done great for me....... however i am wanting a semi auto but i am on a close budget. i noticed that charles daly makes a maxi mag semi automatic 12 gauge 3.5 max4 HD camo thats around 450$ i was wondering if you guys knew anything about this shotgun....... is it a good shotgun or not?
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i have not heard anything about the charles daly, but i haven't heard any bad things about that Stoeger semi auto that is just like the benelli. in fact didn't benelli think it was such a good idea that they bought the company. i think those go for around 400 bucks new.
ok i'll check into that thanks for the tip if you hear anything about those charles dalys shoot me an E mail thanks
I have a 20 gauge Daly and love it, use it for training dogs on pheasants and pigeons, HOWEVER,my friend also had a 12 gauge and it went to hell in a hurry, he sold it for $100 because it was a single shot after our South Dakota trip. I'd look into stoegers.
ok thanks sounds like i should get the stoeger............. i need to sell my benelli first if you guys know anyone who might want it let me know it is a nova pump 12 gauge 3.5 capacity........ timber HD camo comes with full, impoved cylinder, modified, and an extended Briley goose choke that is camo. asking price is $350.......... willing to take offers. run them by me if your interested. thanks
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