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Is silver distracting?

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Would a silver wrapper be bad for hunting?
Yes, silver would be distracting to potential prey2180.77%
No, while I'm eating I'm not watching for geese311.54%
It doesn't matter... I don't eat while I'm out on a hunt27.69%
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We're going to be distributing a new energy bar. Since we'd like hunters to enjoy our energy bars along with other outdoorsmen, I want to know if a silver wrapper would be a problem for hunters.

Yes, silver would be a disaster, blowing around, but why would anybody just throw their trash on the ground, we always pick up our empty shells after shooting,but please tell me more about your product. :D
Thanks for the feedback!

More information on the energy bar when we launch.
That bar sounds great. I am always looking for new things to chew on when I am cold and bored. Do you have any idea about cost, and where you will sell them?

does it come in a biscuit and gravy flavor ??B&G energy bar incredible
It would help if it wasn't silver but if it was i would keep the bar hidden in my pocket and when i eat it while hunting i would take the wrapper off and put it in the pocket and eat the bar.
You could always market the silver wrapper as "Rescue Wrapper" to signal for help for outdoorsman that get lost--or goose hunters that get bored. :D
For those of you who asked about the bar, it's called the HOOAH! bar... it's the energy bar used by troops right now in Iraq and elsewhere, and it's now for sale at We made a silver version but we'll be rolling out a camo version especially for hunters.

Thanks for your feedback.
So what's your point in producing the bar?? If it actually produces energy, how's it going to be beneficial to us hunters??

I work a very physical job where we blow close to $15 a day on energy drinks and bars, if these bars can come close to the "rockstar" energy drinks or the "PowerBar" granola energy bars, you may have a hit! WHy don't you try sending me a few, maybe like 5 bars for whatever price, including shipping and handling so I can tell you what I think. If I think they are awesome, I could disperse them through the companyI work for, they'd sell like hot cakes!!

Oh yeah, I'd think the silver would be a distraction, but only lazy, fat slobs litter!!! 8)
I'll have to agree with most of these guys. silver is definately bad. but only if you're a jackass and just let it go whipping in the wind. second, as far as marketing goes, hunters are basically all alike. they like camo. put the same bar on a rack in two different wrappers. one silver and one camo. the hunters will buy the camo one damn near every time. it's just how we are. we love camo. that's why always wearing it. not just in the field, but to work, around the house, to the store, some even to church on sunday. God doesn't have to be able to see ya. lol. camo sells whar it comes to outdoorsmen. bottom line.
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