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INFO ON 2 Calls

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I just had 2 calls and about 1 and a half dozen Deeks given to be by a relative. He can't use them any longer due to health reason. Any way.. He gave me a Knight and Hale "Double Cluck (plus)" and a BIG RIVER "Long Honker"flute. Any body have any opinions on these?
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two buddies of mine have the big river long honker and I personally think that they sound decent. I do not know about the knight and hale call though.
Thanks Iceman.. I just got done posting a reply to some idiot that can't keep this a clean site. Nothing like trashing a good hunting spot or a good hunting site. I'm sure you'll see the posting.. I was driving into work and giving them a try in traffic. I love to see the looks on peoples faces looking around for the sound.. The Knigh and Hale sound OK but not as good as a folies..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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