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If you hunt western Canada, please read and spread the word!

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I would suggest anyone planning on hunting Snows, Honkers, and Ducks in Sask or Alberta send a letter to the Premier of Sask the Honourable Lorne Calvert ([email protected]) and to The Honourable Ralph Klein Premier of Alberta ([email protected])
The Outfitter Association of Alberta is pushing for all non residents to be guided in their province for all migratory game and a vote will most likely occur this May. If we enjoy hunting there and want to freelance, we need to let them know that we oppose such legislation and will not be traveling to there country to hunt waterfowl if this passes. Be sure to include your full name and address. Remember to be polite and to the point.


This will be the end of freelance hunting if this passes. All I know is that I can not afford the big fees the Guides charge and thus will not be able to hunt these provinces again. I go for under $1,000 for 9 days... many guides charges $300-$500 per day! :shock: They must think we are all rich! They think the 15,000 NR hunting will equate to 15k hunters for the guides---NOT! Many like myself will be shut out of waterfowl hunting all together. :x And the small communities like I stay at will get NONE of my $ that help support the motel, meals, bird cleaning, gas, etc.. :(

So please take a few minutes to write a courteous letter to the 2 Premiers. Thanks! :D
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This is absolutely rediculous!!! :shock: Why would this be happening in Canada, where you can go for days w/o seeing another hunter, let alone hear another shot.(This is what I've heard, never been there, but wish I had.)
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