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I need some help here!

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Hi ive been goose hunting for a couple of years. I would like somebody to please give me their opinion on a couple of things. I was hunting in a field with a small pond on it and i couldnt get any flocks to land, they would fold there wings and be just out of range. then thay would just fly away. I think i had too many decoys can you give me a resanoble explanation?
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Were you hid well? Geese see movement pretty well, and if you aren't hid very well they will pick you and the game is over.
yes i did, very well, all 12 of us
12 people in the same field? That is outrageous. Try hunting in smaller groups. The more people you have the better the chance the geese will spot you. I have never heard of 12 people in the same group. I could see several spreads in the same field, but with everyone in one group it would be hard to get a flock that doesn't see something.
12 hunters???? Talk about a clusterflock :lol:
yes we were in an l along the corner of the field!
yeah 12 ppl is a little overkill, and geese can see UV light, so with that many ppl there is a greater likely hood of being spotted by this UV light, unless you wash you hunting clothes in shampoo that doesn't contain it then you will be easily spotted.
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