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I need a quality call

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Should I get a "performance call", or "tim grounds super mag," or a "Todd Svoboda" or "Greg Keats" or "Sean Mann", or "winglock" or "Bill Saunders guide series"?

Or does it really matter since these are all nice calls? I am looking to spend up to $140 or so. I have hunted ducks more than geese, but should be moving to the Texas panhandle this summer and want to get good enough to part-time guide for some outfitters eventually. So I need a good call to work with. Any sugguestions?
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if you are willing to spend 140 I would highly suggest the zink paralyzer. My roomates girlfriend bought him one for christmas and it is by far the best call I have ever blown in my life. but I am sure that any of the other calls would work just as good.
Absolutely no need to spend $140 on a goose call. I've been using a Winglock delrin for a while now and it's a fantastic call. I've also just received a cocobola call from Steve at
and it's also a damn fine call. I'd rate either of these two calls right up there with the best of them.Do your self a favor, look into them. Save a few $$$ without comprimising quality.

does that call by steve stick?

toddbntly said:

does that call by steve stick?

No, not at all. It's without a doubt, a truley fine call. I wouldn't reccomend it if it wasn't.Very easy to use,great tone and the reed breaks over really well.It just might take over the #1 spot on my lanyard. I haven't had a chance to hunt with it yet, but I have taken it out to the river and the geese really respond to it very well.
well I presume you're looking for a short reed. I suggest one with a slightly longer exit barrel, such as a Bill Saunders Original, a Grounds LongMag, or even a Zink SR-1. All 3 guys will help you with a phone call too. even a Svoboda with the longer exit.

materials.... I like in this order 1-acrylic 2-cocobola 3-polyacrylic / abs 4-delrin

acrylic- lasts a life time low maintenance consistency you can grow into it as you get better
wood coco- slightly more mellow a bit more resonant easier to get going as a 1st call easier 'buzz' .....improves with age kinda like furniture

polyacrylic- very similar to acrylic for a plastic cheaper some types are actually as hard-harder if the carbon content is hi

delrin- softer sounding call than acrylic mimics a inbetween acrylic-wood imho a cheaper material
I would suggest either the Foiles Strait Meat or the new Winglock longneck in acrylic is a good deal 100 shipped with a lanyard and key chain.
I would have to agree with taronman go with a Foiles Straight Meat.
Man what a call I have had mine for 2 years now it was worth every penny I spent, Best call I have owned you get what you pay for just my 2 cents.
Can somebody compare the Foiles Strait Meat Honker and Fred Zink's little man? I will be hunting mostly lessers in the panhandle of Texas. Thanks for all the and elsewhere I am hearing tons of good stuff about Foiles Strait Meat.
I would be able to compare the SMH to the Zink little man for you. I have owned both but you couldnt get me to sell my foiles for anything. I really like the zink little man as well but I needed the money to buy the zink duck call. The little man seemed to take a little bit more air and I wasnt as able to handle the up and down as I can the foiles. If you are looking for a call I would 100% recomend the Foiles Strait Meat Honker. It was worth every penny I payed for it. Its a very easy blowning goose call. I have blown on all of Jeff's other calls except for the Meat Cutter, his flute and I prefer the SMH. I have also used all of the Zink calls as well but non rival the SMH. Thats just me though, everyone blows different but thats my opinion.
As far as picking the right call, you need to blow the calls you think you will like. Everyone is different, and some guys like calls that others don't. Go to a store, a show, or just try some buddies calls. That's why they make so many different calls.

As far as a SMH vs Little Man, is is not quite an apples to apples comparison. The SMH is a lower call, and the LM is a higher pitched call. SMH to SR-1 (paralizer) is a closer comparison. I have and like them both very much, two of my favorite calls.
dont mean to sound like a broken record but i like all sean mann calls the sound great perform all the sounds of a goose i would go with that a shorty sweet talker or shoreman
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