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hey guys i am looking to get a new call. something for under $100. i havent tried many out but i know i love the foiles and the winglock i like the foiles calls better however. i have a call right now that is to high pitched for my liking. i like the deep tone in the more expensive calls and i wanted to see if any of you guys had any calls that you are loking to get rid of for less than 100 i am really wanting the new foiles cackler i think it is caled........ i dont know for sure but i love the foiles calls. let me know if you guys have anything or have any advice for me on calls....... thanks again!

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Check Ebay if nobody here can help you. Plug in "goose call" and you should have plenty to choose from.
Winglock delrin.... deep and goosey. Can get loud and still get down there also.Excellent call for about $65.
polycarb supermag look no further
I will second the polycarb supermag, as i have one of those on the lanyard as we speak, but also one i have just picked up that i will recomend, is by Tru-Tone custom calls they have a polycarb for around thirty bucks, and acrylic is like seventy, those guys are pretty cool, and will tune it just how you want
Winglock Delrin - 59.00 or Gander Valley Acrylic - $90.00 . . . can't go wrong either way.

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