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Hunting off of the "X"

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The field I have permission to hunt just happens to be the only field I have not seen geese going to this fall. It is right across the road from a preserve and should be a prime location but the birds all get off of the water and drift to the side of my setup. I currently only have 18 shell decoys setup. Should I increase my spread or just go to pass shooting?
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need more deksget some bigfoots which will give u pulling power and will bring some flocks your way
Hey thanks, thats what I thought. I am meeting a guy tonight to buy some of his used Big foots. He also has some herters fb's. Are they any good and what price should I pay for the BF and Herters used??
Also, try flagging, that usually turns them or at least pulls them over closer to the spread. Try it you will like it. :D
Are you by yourself when you go? How many people are calling? The more the marrier. Be loud and obnoxious with your call. If you are calling into a wind it is hard to get the sound to them. A combo of a bigger spread, flagging, and calling and it should be raining geese.

***side note***
Where are you at in NE? I am from Omaha origingally and just move out to CO last year. We would hunt up in Columbus alot right off of the Platte.
I buy new BFs after the season ends for about $18 a piece. But before the season used go for $18-20 as the new ones retail for $25. Timing is eveything. Something for everybody to remember, buy your decoys after they go on sale about 2/3 to 3/4 through the season and save $ nothing like paying $210 a dz vs $300 :D

So Husker how has it been going the last couple of weeks with running traffic on the Honks?
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