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hunting mottos

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he fellas, i was just wondering if you have any mottos you would like to share. i am looking for a witty one to put on my decoys trailer. i have a few in mind but i want to sample some more. if you would please list a few.
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Now, this isn't mine, but one of my hunting partners came up with due to the competition we have in our areas with other hunters all of a sudden.

Here goes: "Hunt Ducks, Not Trucks"

When you spend a lot of time and money scouting to be successful and someon comes a long, see's your truck there and hunts the same spot the next day, it has a tendency to piss a guy off..
I borrowed this one from another onliner here with his permission..

How about..

What I am putting on mine when I get it is. THEIR COMMITED ARE YOU With a couple birds feet down and wings cupped.
Nice. I like that.
just got the title to my trailer in the mail today!! can't wait to get the logo on it! 8)
drew i visted your website i wanted to email you but couldnt find and email address on there
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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