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Hunting goose in colorado

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I am from utah was wanting to take a hunting trip to colorado for snows, don't realy have the money for a guide, I was wondering if anyone could help me get pointed in the right direction, Where is a good place to to hunt in colorado? when Should I go after them? never hunted snows only seen a dozen or so during my hunting years utah, they come here but after the season has ended. HELP ME PLEASE :roll: :lol:
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I think you would have a lot better success to go with a guide to Eastern Colorado or Nebraska. You can get a day worth of shooting for $80-$150 depending on the guide service. I myself have not gone yet but would like to one of these springs soon. From my understanding you need a lot of Snow Decoys and unless you have hundreds of dekes I am not sure how successful you would be. Just my 2 cents!
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