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Hunting after a snowfall? Please help?

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I am new to Goose hunting and having a blast. I basically figured it out from the Internet and talking to a couple other hunters. So far I got one goose and so did my brother. Anyway, my question is this... I have been hunting a cornfield in IL. I have seen hundreds of geese each time out. I have had no problem getting them to land in my decoys. But, it just snowed about 6-8 inches. This weekend is supposed to be the closing weekend. After the snowfall is it all over or what? Will the geese be visiting this cornfield? Fly south? Hold tight to the water? Any advise or help would be appreciated.
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Trip.... if your not hunting from blinds... go get a white suit...

Here in Ohio, we kill more CAnada's in the snow than without it...
Especially when it's really coming down.. The area I hunt is in a snow belt.
Some of my best hunts have been in 3 feet of snow in a corn field.
I just dig a hole an bury the blind

Keep hunting your fields.. the geese gotta eat !!!!!

Thanks for your help. How do they find the corn when it is covered in snow? Do their habbits change? Flight times?...
If it gets super cold the geese may never leave the roost to save energy. As long as its not bone chilling they will be feeding. As far as snow goes, they got long necks and have no problem finding corn in moderate snow. Flight times and habits can always change out of nowhere, especially with residents or birds that are pressured. I would watch them the day before and set up where you saw them.
I would get a white suit and lay out in decoys.

good luck,
Goose man
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