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Hunters in the spread?

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I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on where I should put my blind. Would it be better for me to hide my self in my decoys or should I setup on the downwind side away from my dekes so the birds would have to fly over me to land? Any suggestions would help.

Thanks in advance!
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If you've got a well hid layout blind, you can't beat putting it in the dekes!
Stay in the dekes unless the birds are either landing short or swinging wide of the rig.
Thanks for the input! Another question is, do you put any dekes around you to kinda hide your blind a little bit, or does it really matter? The reason I am asking is I think when the birds are coming in they are looking at my Decoys and may be able to spot something odd (possibly my blind). I was going to try and setup outside of my dekes so that when they are looking at the dekes, they don't notice me. Does this sound logical or does it sound dumb?
I usually set a deke or two close to the blind to mask the layout. I also like to put my best(most realistic) dekes closest to where the birds come in. By the time they see anything else it's too late. As far as noticing you goes, if they could see you they already have from a long way up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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