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How was your season on waterfowl hunting?

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I hunt in western Idaho and the season has gone good for me. this year I ended up with 93 ducks and 13 geese. My season for geese was very slow the geese just got here a day or two ago and I have been skipping school to hunt. On the ducks I got luckey and shot three bands. Well good luck!!!!!!!1
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We had a great year, but I didn't get one dang band.

I did all of my hunting in ND, with the exception of 4 days in Saskatchewan.

I was lucky enough to get out 38 days this fall for geese, from Sept. 1st until December 14th. We had a great year on blacks, an average year on ducks and a below average year on snows.

Already waiting on the spring....
even though we didn't have that many geese in southern illinois this year we cut em all. i ended this year with well over 100 geese. even though i have to go to high school i stil made it out everyday. i killed 7 bands this year. i guess u do do pretty well when your property boarders the refuge. well i don't know about the rest of u guys but i had a good year. in the last 3 days of season we killed 8 bands (4 of them neck banded). so i would say over all we did pretty good.
i hunt around mid to southern indiana and we did fery well on geese for only hunting 2 to 3 days a week we ended up with a 107 geese and only 1 band we only killed 7 ducks though but geese hunting improved after purchasing the kellypowers power hunter.
my season started and ended with a bang a bonus shoot of snows while moose hunting . the neighbor of a farm i hunt asked if i would come and shoot some of his geese and ducks . every time we hit this field and pond we limited out on ducks usually 4 or five geese each . 7 banded geese this year. four more days in our extended season tbc
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